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Bolton Minibus

From its rich historical sites, lively Irish-themed celebrations to the stunning countryside views, Bolton has a lot to offer to anyone who is planning to visit this city. Singles, couples and families get to enjoy the festive activities held in the local attractions and the dramatic entertainment around the town by using Bolton Minibus Hire Here are more events you don't want to miss out on.

• A Day Out at Albert Halls Theatre

If you are the kind that likes watching theatre plays, Albert Halls is a great place to visit. You can check out the theatre's vast range of theatrical performances that play throughout the week, featuring themes like drama, family, comedy, dance, music and community and book tickets. What's more, the theatre showcases the plays throughout the day so that you can catch a play in the morning before embarking on other travel destinations during the afternoon and evening.

• Enjoy the Outdoors

The city boasts beautiful countryside views that are enhanced by its strategic location close to West Pennine Moors. Nature lovers can enjoy long walks or cycling amidst the stunning moorland scenery on the lakes and countryside. The Barrow Bridge, Queens Park, Moses Gate Country Park and Smithills also make great places for long strolls and picnics.

• Attend the Local Events

There are lots of seasonal activities and events hosted by Bolton's community groups, retailers, hotels and partners. With everything from annual celebrations to local art exhibitions to fun days, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Most of the activities are designed to entertain families and kids as young as four years, so you are not overwhelmed when you tag them along during the holiday.

• Visit Bolton's Rich Heritage

For history lovers there's something for you; you can explore the city's industrial heritage that is characterised by the canals, railways, coal and cotton, just to mention a few. In fact, tourists who have guided tours get to discover the city's famous names, including Samuel Crompton, Gilbert Brindley, William Hesketh Lever, The Duke of Bridgewater and other legends who forged the way for industrial revolution.

• Visit the Museums and the Libraries

Explore Bolton's libraries and museums that burst with activities like story-telling, fish feeds, crafting and object handling, among other fun activities. You can take advantage of the city's special half-term activities that are held in all the libraries and its Live Gallery and purchase some stunning pieces of art, and explore Bolton's Museum Egyptology whose transformation will attract even more tourists.

Why Hire Bolton Minibus

You want to hire a reliable means of transport that will allow you to enjoy all the behind the scenes tours, make stops and take your family and friends to the hotel on time. Bolton minibus is one such company that guarantees timely arrival and departure to various tourist attractions. You are sure to explore Bolton in total comfort with an affordable guided or self-drive minibus hire whether you are on vacation with family, having a group trip, or attending a sports event. We boast a range of modern, well equipped vehicles that ensure you and your friends arrive safely. The minibuses range from 7 to 17 seaters to accommodate large groups of people attending parties, concerts and other events.

What's more, the minibuses are spacious, providing ample space to rest your legs and are fitted with compartments for storing luggage. You can also upgrade the ride with add-ons like child seats, satellite navigation and insurance options at subsidised rates. Here are more reasons you should hire Bolton minibuses.

• Save

A minibus hire allows you to travel with a large group of friends or family. This way, you can split the rental and fuel costs thus, visiting more places.

Some companies offer guided minibus hires while others allow with driver hires. The latter is more convenient as the passengers are not restricted to the time and areas they can visit. Football fans can drive to Bolton Wanderers Football Club at Macron Stadium or travel to nearby cities like Manchester, which hosts lots of sporting events along with theatre productions and concerts.

• Carry a Large Group of People

With Bolton minibus' vast range of seaters (7, 9, 15, 17), you only need to choose the car that accommodates the entire crew. And, if the party involves a larger number, luxury coach hire comes in handy to enhance your experience.

Bolton Coach Hire

Coach hire is a pretty popular option in Bolton given the larger space, tech-equipped alternatives available to passengers. Bolton minibus offers coach hire vehicles in the form of 16, 32, 48 and 64 seaters for huge events like weddings, engagement and hen and stag parties, among others. Here are more reasons you should hire a coach for your next excursion:

• Enhanced Comfort

Coaches offer more comfort compared to other means of transport like trains and buses. Modern coaches are well-maintained, spacious, air-conditioned and fitted with navigation systems that provide information regarding your location. What's more, they have ample storage space and legroom for all the passengers, so they arrive fresh and full of energy for the concert, party, wedding, sporting event or other activity.

• High Level of Safety

Apart from the navigation systems fitted on the coach, the company employs highly trained drivers to operate them. They go through rigorous training and tests before embarking on driving the coaches and are well-versed with various tourist attractions. As such, you are assured of safety throughout the journey.

• Enjoy the Scenic View of the Countryside

If you have been self-driving a minibus, the chances are that you miss out on observing the stunning of Bolton's backdrop. A coach hire that comes with a driver allows you to relax and view the rolling hills and attractive landscapes located along most roads.

• Cheap Means of Transport

The soaring prices of fuel translate into higher travel prices if you are planning to use a train, cab or other means during your visit. Coach hire offers a cheap means of exploring various attractions as it takes you directly to a specific destination.

• Green Transport

If you are an environment enthusiast, Bolton minibus hire makes a great form of travel. Coaches ferry a large number of people at once hence, reducing carbon emissions and fossil fuel usage.

Why Choose Bolton Minibus?

Our Fleet is one of the most prestigious in the region. At our Bolton Minibus we pride ourselves on offering our clients only the best. Every time you travel with us you will do so in air conditioned comfort. Our safety record is second to none and all of our drivers understand the importance of making our guests feel relaxed.

Large Fleet

Many of our guests only need a bus for 14 people. We recommend our 16 seater for smaller groups such as those. We ensure that all of our buses can handle both city and rural tours. This means you never need to worry about booking a smaller vehicle. You receive the same excellent entertainment options in our 24 seater and our 49 seater.

We know that you want to travel in comfort but you do not want to pay for space that you do not need. Our Bolton Minibus options make it easy to select a low cost per person. If you have a group of 22 people, we have affordable options for you. The same applies to large groups. Select our 53 seater easily by visiting our website.

We have a large 72 seater for huge groups.All of our buses are maintained by skilled technical staff. In addition each bus is checked before it is taken on a trip. This ensures your safety.

Ryan : We planned to visit Bolton to explore mainly the historical locations. We were a group of 10 friends and we had no idea of where to find anything. None of us had ever been to Bolton before, but understood that we needed to visit some key sights. We saw about Bolton minibus hire on from our travel agent and decided to give it a try, thinking that we would be able to see more of the city in a shorter amount of time.

We contacted the company and were instantly given a list of minibuses to choose from ranging from standard to luxury along with a price quote which we found reasonable when divided amongst the group. In fact, because there was a group of 10, it worked out cheaper than using public transport for the

duration of our stay. From the day that we started using the minibus till the day we left Bolton, our journey was flawless. The driver knew all the roads around the town and was kind and helpful. He was also careful of our needs and recommended some good restaurants as well. We new exactly where we were going and what we were seeing and felt extremely safe in our drivers company. Our experience was extremely commendable and we would recommend everyone to use Bolton minibus for their traveling needs in the town. This was a great experience for us and made our trip to Bolton much easier. It also helped to budget for our visit and saved as some cash also.

Jenny: For our family wedding, we had to travel all the way across town to a destination with all of our family members and it was highly important to reach on time. Timings was key to having a good day and wanted to ensure that the planning was perfect. We decided to give Bolton minibus a try as we had heard a lot about it and we were not disappointed. From the moment we spoke to the team on the telephone everything was taken care of and there was nothing that was to complicated for them to help us with. We hired three big minibuses in which all of our family members fit in easily and the journey to and from the wedding destination were smooth and flawless.

The driver that the company supplied was extremely sensitive to our needs and was extremely professional. This made the whole experience just perfect. I certainly would not have any reservations about recommending this company for your special day. They were just great!