16 Seater Standard Hire

16 Seater minibus Hire Bolton

If you are travelling in a small group around Bolton, our 16 seaters standard vehicle are the ideal choice of travel. Bolton Minibus Hire have a great reputation and our 16 seater Ford Transits are particularly reliable. These vehicles, just like all of our vehicles, are under 6 years old but usually much newer than this depending on affordability. They are also checked regularly by mechanics to ensure they are safe to use.

The latest technology is included in our 16 seaters and this includes things like air conditioning, a stereo system, and ergonomic seating for maximum comfort. If you have any other requests, don't be afraid to let us know when you make your initial enquiry with Bolton Minibus Hire and we will see what we can do. We do have a luxurious version of this vehicle, which is a Mercedes. It has even more facilities and ensures that you travel in style around the town.

Although our 16 seater minibus looks good, it's main appealing quality is the reliability of the vehicle. It will get you where you need to go in a timely manner and you will also get a driver who has extensive knowledge of the area. Get in touch today and we can get your arrangements set in stone.

Despite a lot of individuals preferring coaches/minibuses to ferry them to various destinations in Bolton and beyond, we at Bolton Minibus have come to understand that a good number of them don't understand how pricing works in the transport industry. A good number of clients have sought explanations as to why bus companies charge them slightly higher during peak periods as opposed to off-peak seasons. Here, the basic principles of economics –supply and demand- become applicable here.

During low seasons, bus companies will lower their ticket prices so as to encourage you to travel since supply is more than demand. During peak seasons, demand gets high than the supply making a lot of bus companies to increase their ticket prices. While we may charge you differently also, we will not take advantage of the situation to exploit you.

How Can You Avoid Paying High Ticket Prices?

Do you want to go round the situation? It's simple. Book your tickets early enough when the prices are still low or affordable. In fact,

If you have been keen enough, you must have realized that a lot of people travelling to distant locations or in fairly large groups do prefer hiring a minibus or coach for such purposes as opposed to renting or hiring small cars or taxicabs. We at Bolton Minibus have assisted thousands of such people to fulfil all their travelling needs across Bolton and beyond for more than a decade that we have been in business.

A vast number of clients have made the easy choice of making us their transport providers to areas around Bolton and beyond, a solution that we have proudly offered them.

16 Seater minibus Hire Bolton 

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