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Arranging a special night out is easy when you allow the team at Bolton minibus to take care of the transportation. Manchester is the perfect place to party as it has a huge amount to offer visitors in the way of things to do and it's known throughout the UK as a happening entertainment hub, with people coming from London and beyond for evenings and weekends on the town.

The city is home to a number of theatres including the Altrincham Garrick and Library theatres, the Green Room and the Tameside Hippodrome, not to mention the Opera House, Palace and Royal Exchange Theatres. These theatres regularly host dramas, comedies, operas and more. For listings, check a Manchester local paper.

With its lively gay scene, Manchester is also known for its friendly, first-class nightlife based around Canal Street, at the heart of the Gay Village. H

People who choose Nights Out Minibus Bolton will be able to party as long and as hard as they wish. Whenever you are ready to return, your dedicated driver will take you right to your door.


andew kaurfman:We used Nights Out Minibus Bolton recently to transport us to our cruise ship at southampton cruise port for our night party . The company picked us up from home and transported us straight to the ship. This worked fantastically well. We hired a luxury minibus as wanted to start our holiday off with a little bit of luxury. Our bags were taken care of by the friendly, courteous driver. He really made the journey to the port so enjoyable. We have used Bolton Minibus Hire on  many occasions as they are well known to be so reliable, however, we had not used their luxury minibus before.

We certainly thought that it was worth paying the extra for. Bolton Minibus Hire is a great company to use before your cruise. As they have local knowledge they know a few shortcuts around the port area so that you do note end up waiting in long traffic queues. We wouldn’t have benefited from this if we had used public transport. We also managed to share the cost between us, so it ended up being a very efficient way to start our holiday. We highly recommend Bolton Minibus hire.

Nights Out Minibus Bolton

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