24 Seater Bus Hire

24 Seater Bus Mini Coach Hire

Our 24 Seater Bus Hire provides a moderate option for day trips. We can assist with any tour you and your group wish to take. See us first for all of your transportation needs. We are always willing to help with short or long trips around Bolton.

Stylish Travel

A Bolton Minibus is the best way for a moderately sized group to travel to a wedding. Our stylish buses make it simple for everyone to travel together. That guarantees that you will all arrive on time. No one will be stressed out from having to drive to a wedding or reception. Luxurious Seating

A 24 Seater Bus Hire comes with padded seats for all passengers. You can relax during a long trip if you wish. Some travellers may even take a nap during the journey. This means they can wake up feeling refreshed when they arrive. Each Bolton Minibus is air conditioned so no matter how hot it may be outside, you feel completely relaxed inside the bus.

Affordable Trips

A 24 Seater mini coach  Hire provides you with an economical option. Each person has a comfortable seat and there is no wasted space. This type of bus is just the right size for your moderate group. No one has to share a seat or sit in a position that makes them feel uncomfortable.

Since going into business more than 15 years ago, we have always put our clients first. In everything that we do, we always ensure that the client comes first. We ensure that all our vehicles are constantly subjected to constant mechanical checks for safety purposes. All our drivers are certified and regularly undertake refresher courses. Besides our quotes and ticket prices being the most competitive across the industry, we have gone ahead that we provide more than transport solutions.

We offer other extensive services such as hospitality services, catering, and event booking, and accommodation. Book your 24 seater coach today for the best experience to visit the city by coach and minibus hire services provided by bolton minibus.


24 Seater Bus Mini Coach Hire

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